Life’s Important Secrets: 3 Tips For Managing The Stress In Your Life

Everyone deals with stress every now and then. Stress could come from work, personal problems, or even problems at home. Stress isn’t really all that bad. In fact, a group of Stanford University School of Medicine researchers found that stress can motivate people and also boost the immune system.

The problem is when you are dealing with a great amount of stress to the point where you can no longer handle it. When this happens, your normal brain functions will be affected, making it difficult for you to concentrate. Worse, you could get sick or suffer from burnout.

Prescriptions for Life

Prescriptions for Life

To help you avoid these health issues, here are 3 tips for managing the stress in your life.

Tip #1: Manage Your Time Wisely

A lot of stress is brought about by people’s natural tendency to procrastinate. They don’t do the things they’re supposed to do thinking that there’ll be enough time for it “later.” But pretty soon, they’ll find themselves with so many unfinished tasks and wonder how they’ll ever get things done on time.

If you want to avoid unnecessary stress, you need to manage your time well. Make a list of the tasks that need to be done today, and rank them according to importance. Stephen Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, tells us that we need to work on tasks that are both “urgent and important”, delegate tasks that are “urgent but not important” and completely get rid of the things that “aren’t urgent or important.”

New Research Shows Chronic Stress Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease

New Research Shows Chronic Stress Accelerates Alzheimer’s Disease

Tip #2: Learn to Say No

Sometimes, people end up doing the things they don’t like doing just because they find it hard to say no. If someone in the office asks you to work on a project that was assigned to them, agree only if you have the time to work on it. If a friend prods you to sign up for an exclusive club membership because everyone in the neighborhood is doing the same thing, say no if you think you can’t afford it or if you think you don’t really need it.

Tip #3: Don’t Dwell on Things You Can’t Control

There are situations that you can control and there are those that you can’t. For example, you can do something about not arriving late for work by waking up early and avoiding traffic. But you can’t control your team mate’s tendency to be lazy and refusing to work on a project that the two of you were assigned to do. There’s no point in feeling bad about his attitude. What you can do instead is to work on the project on your own, if you have to. In the end, you’ll finish the project on time and perhaps even get all the credit.

People spend so much time and energy being upset about things they have absolutely no control over. Focus on what you can do instead. It gets the job done faster and it helps you avoid the stress.

These 3 tips for managing stress in your life are very simple and easy enough to understand. Apply these tips in your life gradually and soon, you will live a healthy and stress-free life.

Tips For Saving Money On Car Maintenance


If you are using a Car then have you ever calculated the maintenance cost you are spending on it every month? Sometimes it is so tough to bear a huge car maintenance cost that mangles your monthly budget which you feel should be reduced. Then your search for car maintenance tips starts to save money.

You are not alone in this race of saving money on car maintenance but many others are also searching for ways to do the same. Reduction in car maintenance cost could allow you to invest money in other useful areas. Just a few car care tips could reduce its maintenance cost and you could easily win over the situation. But before reading these tips do remember one thing, that if you’ll love your car, your car loves you back so never try to forget to follow these tips and neglect the scheduled maintenance of your car.

Top 5 Money-Saving Tips For Your Car

Top 5 Money-Saving Tips For Your Car

Proper maintenance could reduce your every month expenditure on car maintenance cost and could result in Lower emissions with better miles per gallon. So, increase the life span of your car by just following these three simple tips:

1. Note down your car maintenance schedule: Either consults a car service engineer or just note down yourself your car maintenance schedule. Just note down that at how much miles your car ask for service. Some people may consider 3000 miles a mark for a car’s oil change but actually it is too early to get oil change at this mark.

2. Check the tires of your car if they are properly inflated: The tires holds the whole body of the car on them so these are required proper attention. Refer your car’s manual to know about the proper inflation level of your tires. Proper inflation level could also improve your car’s average and could prevent you and your car suffering from the problem of miles per gallon, which actually reduces, in case of low inflation level.

car maintenance tips to save you money

car maintenance tips to save you money

3. As mentioned above that you should know your car maintenance schedule first then you should go for the oil change. When you get aware of the oil changing schedule of your car then make sure that you should change its oil on time regularly without any delays. Try to opt only for high quality motor oil with correct grade. Although the cost of high quality and branded oil is a bit high but remember one thing that quality oil would consequently improve your car engine’s performance by reducing the fuel usage.

Other tips like turning off your A/C unit if not in use could reduce at least 25% of burning of your fuel. Then relying on a professional service engineer for your car maintenance is another equally important tip to remember. Then, sensible driving could surely reduce the excessive fuel usage as driving too fast or too slow makes the car engine use excess fuel. Other small tips like saving money on cleaners by cleaning your car at home and continuous rotation of your car tires when your car is under maintenance could prevent your car tires from wearing and tearing out quickly.

Therefore, in short the conclusion is that your car could be maintained at low costs only if you want it to be. As mentioned above that “you do love your car and your car loves you back” is the principle which you must follow in order to save your money.

A Billion Reasons Why You Should Try Mobile Marketing

If you have a business online, no doubt you have tried article marketing, banner advertising, emailing marketing and blog guest posting. However, if you really want to scale your business then it is time you invested some time to understand why mobile marketing might be the way to go for your future promotional needs.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

In a nutshell, it is the ability to market ads to people using mobile devices. For instance, when searching the web you may come across a website. At the bottom of the page is a small add. If you click the small banner ad, it will take you to the landing page of the advertiser.

Top CEO of Mobile and Technology Companies to Chair Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore

Top CEO of Mobile and Technology Companies to Chair Mobile Marketing Association Forum in Singapore

This type of marketing enables advertisers to communicate and engage with their target audience in an intuitive, interactive and highly relevant manner. One of the key benefits of mobile marketing is the targeting in my opinion. You can choose to only target men, in Canada, age 30 to 50. Upload your ad and that population is immediately made aware of what you have to offer.

There is nothing better than being able to get in front of your crowd with a clear message. Normally, in advertising you are chasing customers. With this new school of advertising you no longer have to hope to get the ideal customer.

Why Market To Mobile Users?

Well, there are about seven million people worldwide. The mobile phone is more important than a toilet to some people. Only four and a half billion people have access to a toilet, but six billion people have access to mobile device.

15 Tips to Start Mobile Marketing with a Zoom!

15 Tips to Start Mobile Marketing with a Zoom!

Before moving on I would like to point out one other thing. Mobile marketing is done on mobile or smart phones and wireless handheld devices. What are wireless handheld devices? Typically, you would think of Samsung tablets, iPad or net books. However, just keep in mind, the focus of mobile marketing is on the mobile phone and smart phone.

Is Mobile Marketing A Good Business Decision?

I would say yes. As I already mentioned there are billions of potential customers waiting for you to sale them your products and services. Also, if your competitors have not tried mobile marketing it is just a matter of time. So, why not beat them to it and gain a large market share.

We live in a ‘right now’ society. With this type of marketing campaigns are simple to create. Your messages are delivered to recipients within seconds. You can reach out to people globally.

People keep their cell phones with them all of the time. When they go to bed at night most people check their phone one last time before placing it on their bed stand. Your message is always within arm’s length of your customers.

Whether we like it or not mobiles is the future and, for a limited time, has the least amount of competition for users online. However, this is not going to last. According to recent surveys, it is expected that money spent on mobile marketing is going to double every year for the next few years.